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Why choose on-site shredding service?

Every business generates highly sensitive information, but most of the businesses lack somewhere in maintaining that information. The information can be trade secrets like research and development, credit and debit information, customer and vendor lists, and even accounting records. It can also be the sensitive and personal information of your customers and employees. There is no type of information that’s not targeted by identity thieves. You know what could happen after your competitors get to know about your trade secrets and what could happen when the personal information of your clients gets stolen by identity thieves.

Many businesses spend a great deal of time and effort trying to prevent their computers from getting hacked, forgetting that there is another way their competitors can get access to their information. Undoubtedly, if you are good at your work and doing better than your competitors, other companies will try to break into your secure networks with the help of hacking skills. Such time has come that it becomes easier to hack any system without even touching a keyboard.

It’s time to evaluate defences from your company’s side for a low tech hacker. Look at the working system of your office. Do you leave your sensitive information on the desk overnight? Do you keep your all-important files inside the lock? Where you keep your documents that need to be shredded? Are they in recycle-bin or trash waiting for being stolen by identity thieves? You may have seen a treasure trove of information outside most of the offices. Once you throw away your information in the dustbin, it is considered as a public property according to the Supreme Court.

Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), throwing away personal information is against the law. It doesn’t matter what type of business does that and what kind of information is thrown away. You can find a thousand cases where companies are fined millions of dollars by not following the same rule.

An easy and best solution to protect your business from thieves and dumpster divers is to hire a company to perform secure shredding. As can be implied from the name, an industrial shredder is brought to you for shredding your documents so that you can witness the whole destruction process of your documents or any other digital media information.

On-site shredding service also provides you with locked containers to collect and protect your information. You can schedule this service regularly. You can assure that your sensitive documents are protected before and after on-site shredding service. In the end, you are left with nothing but with proof that you used the document destruction service to shred your sensitive information.

The best part about on-site shredding service is that it is cheaper as compared to other shredding services. It would not even cost a single employee’s salary. After shredding, neither you nor your employees have to worry about anything. You can all focus on growing your business.

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